Bringing The Outside In

Touch Mother Earth NonProfit Productions: Bringing the Outside In

Bringing the Outside “In” with innovative events brought to the challenged community

Touch Mother Earth’s Mission:

  1. We educate and facilitate people through positive change(s) in an evolving & challenging world.
    We provide innovative workshops, events, presentations, enriches cultural experience through the humanities, & performances geared to assist mental health, healing, change methodology, alternative concept development, motivation, increased wellbeing, and execution of new concepts in the new world.
  2. Touch Mother Earth provides online virtual programming for these workshops, events, and programs to enhance the educational and social experience for those that cannot venture into the physical world due to high risk environmental issues, disabilities, lack of funds, physical limitations, psychological reasons, lack of resources, age challenges, venue challenges, environmental issues, or other unknown reasons.
    These include the above mission plus enhanced programming for specific groups, cultural groups, and age-ranges.
  3. We provide physical events, festivals, workshops during safe times and stream these to our online audience giving them the enhanced experience of real-time programming, creating a virtual event. Those at home, or in group homes/institutions, can feel part of the group, part of the experience and part of the world, even when isolated. Our innovative, interactive program includes live-broadcasting, videos, and
    interactive rooms. 

We Bring the Virtual Home: We Bring the Outside “In”

nonprofit production

We are a certified 501c3.  Calendar and event updates can be found on our Facebook page

Here’s a list of our primary beneficiaries of our services which includes nursing homes, senior centers and rehab hospitals:

nonprofit events

Get involved by donating, subscribing or sponsoring a workshop. We love volunteers!!!

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