About Nonprofit Digital Production

Nonprofit Digitial Production by Touch Mother Earth

Bringing the Outside “In” with innovative events & nonprofit digital production brought to the challenged community

Touch Mother Earth’s Mission:

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  1. We educate and facilitate people through positive change(s) in an evolving & challenging world.
    We provide innovative workshops, events, enriched cultural experience through the humanities, presentations & performances geared to assist mental health, Read More…
  2. We provide online virtual programming (nonprofit digital production) for these workshops, events to enhance the educational and social experience for those that cannot venture into the physical world  Read more…
  3. We provide physical events, festivals, workshops during safe times and stream these to our online audience giving them the enhanced experience of real-time programming, creating a virtual event. Read More…

We Bring the Virtual Home: We Bring the Outside “In”

We are a certified 501c3.  Calendar and event updates can be found on our Facebook page.



Our Beneficiaries:


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