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Touch Mother Earth-Our Mission:

Bringing the Outside “In” with innovative events brought to the challenged community

Touch Mother Earth Nonprofit bringing the outside in. Innovative events.

Bringing The Outside “In”

Our Vision:

Touch Mother Earth digitally supports community well-being, education, humanities, and enhanced social interaction by providing innovative events, classes, and workshops, on multi-media platforms to the physically, psychologically, mentally, emotionally, and age challenged community.

Touch Mother Earth integrates the virtual community with physical events to accomplish cultural synergy. We produce innovative content that informs, teaches, enhances wellness, enriches cultural experience through the humanities, promotes thought leadership, expands physical and emotional awareness, encourages spiritual and psychological expression, and provides practical education of earth-oriented topics and subjects.

We bring virtual programs home to those that cannot go out. We bring the Outside “In”.

Who Benefits?: Our Subscribers:

Anyone who cannot physically get out either temporarily because of the environment or permanently. This includes nursing homes & other institutional subscribers & individuals.

Touch Mother Earth

Ways you can help: Get Involved

We are a registered 501c3 please donate.

Were you at a festival or event and you’re looking for additional pictures. Find pictures, content, posts & other support detail for

We are a registered 501c3 please donate.

Videos & Pics

Touch Mother Earth

2000-2021 Past Pictures, Videos and links from festivals and events.

Also our YouTube Channel

Touch Mother Earth

Earth Day Festival

April 22-April 26, 2020 Archives

Touch Mother Earth

Touch Mother Earth Productions

Virtual productions, TV, Radio, Live Entertainment, YouTube, Facebook Live, other streaming digital media.


Dave Miller facilitates Drum Groups

Mother Earth Needs Our Attention

Earth Oriented Mission

When you love something you take care of it. We offer innovative earth-education to increase awareness of Earth’s needs and human interactions to provide a more sustainable planet. Learn about sustainable living, art in nature, plant identification and respecting Mother Earth. LEARN MORE or Get Involved

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About Nonprofit Digital Production

Nonprofit Digitial Production by Touch Mother Earth

Bringing the Outside “In” with innovative events & nonprofit digital production brought to the challenged community

Touch Mother Earth’s Mission:

nonprofit production
  1. We educate and facilitate people through positive change(s) in an evolving & challenging world.
    We provide innovative workshops, events, enriched cultural experience through the humanities, presentations & performances geared to assist mental health, Read More…
  2. We provide online virtual programming (nonprofit digital production) for these workshops, events to enhance the educational and social experience for those that cannot venture into the physical world  Read more…
  3. We provide physical events, festivals, workshops during safe times and stream these to our online audience giving them the enhanced experience of real-time programming, creating a virtual event. Read More…

We Bring the Virtual Home: We Bring the Outside “In”

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